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20 November 2020, 10:30 PM

GAME ON! Playing with Seniors

A talk by Steve Seth

It is well known that if you enjoy something, you are more likely to keep doing it. This applies to all things, including exercise, and all ages, including seniors. Just because people get older, it does not mean they stop wanting to have fun. What is a good way to have fun and be active? PLAY! The value of play, with regard to exercise, is increasingly being recognized and advocated. In this session we will play with a range of games and activities from a range of sources - sports, the playground, school, parties, dance, music, etc. We will look at ways they can be adapted into fun activities for the senior or deconditioned population and see how they can help improve fitness, co-ordination, balance and reflexes while encouraging connection, participation, teamwork and, perhaps, a little friendly competition, putting smiles on the participants’ faces and leaving them wanting more.

Anyone attending this session must be open to having some SERIOUS FUN. A sense of humour is optional, but it will help. A bit.

Learning Outcomes – Attendees will leave the session with: - An understanding of the benefits of play and fun for the senior population - Tips and ideas for adapting games, sports, activities, etc. for the senior/deconditioned population - A selection of activities and games they can take back to their seniors’ classes and start using straight away - A smile

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